Attollo Productions

Reach a little Higher

Attollo Productions Mandate

“Reaching for the stars is so much closer when someone puts you on their shoulders…”

Being the shoulders for emerging artists to stand on to reach new heights…

About US


Attollo Productions is a production company that is dedicated to empowering emerging artists. The company came about when two passionate artists collided and discovered there mutual desire to push the arts community in Calgary to the next level. They figured the best way would be to educate and nurture the upcoming artists that will soon be making waves in the theatre culture of this City. 
Attollo dedicates its existence to the artist. It seeks to create a mentoring relation between the established and emerging; further educating both parties and therefore reshaping our community. 

"We believe that the artist needs to be challenged to further innovation; Stagnation is the enemy of arts and it must be fought viciously, passionately and without relenting." 


Artistic Director

Chelsea Friesen believes the arts are at the centre of culture, inspiring change in society, by helping it find its heart. Attollo came out of that passion for change. She wants to see artists pushed to new heights including herself. She met Brett working on a show and they found that they both had that desire.

Chelsea graduated from Ambrose University in 2017 and has since then been involved in bringing theatre to the public.

"There needs to be innovation and a rekindling of passion in the arts community in Calgary. I want to be at the centre of that. I want to fan those flames."


Executive Director

Brett graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (L.A.) and was the 2007 female recipient of the Charles Jehlinger Award.

After graduating, she formed a company with another school alumni to produce a showcase to help her friends start their journey's in the daunting world of Hollywood.

Since then she has been lucky enough to travel and find growth in her experiences. Now based in Calgary she is fortunate to find comradeship with Chelsea to create the platform for fellow story tellers and dream seekers.

Just reach a little farther